Tuesday, December 06, 2011

U.S. election shaping to be a bigger staged sham than Russia

U.S. elections are as much a staged sham as Russian elections are crooked.

Either form is proof of the sham of democracy that was used as a safety valve after the "revolutions" of the 18th century, where the families that toppled Rome by 476 appeared to give over power to the voter but really didn't. And they sure didn't hand over the trillions in their currency of loot that they had stolen.

I know. In 1995 I was told to skip law school, work for a member, and run when she retired. Is that how you thought it works ?

A man a year behind me in high school did exactly that. It wasn't until I was half dead after and from refusing, that I said, "what the f-ck," sitting in a bed in the hospital.

The rulers, who never yield power and rotate in and out of elected and appointed office, give you something- the vote- to make you think that you matter. The vote is so dilute and easily steered though it sounds absurd, that they have no fears for their security or continuity in power. Act out of order, and they trot out the police beholden for their salaries as with OWS that they created, or in Russia.

Your only remedy despite the documents, is the fractional vote because they'll kill you if you try to remove them. Consider how many thousands of degrees are minted in all fields each year, but especially political science and history and who do you see ? The same people and the same families. The vote uses the same techniques of confusion toward the buyer as the lottery does. They make you think it could be your day. But it never will be.

The "parties" eat meals together, entertain together, marry each other. Do you marry people you hate or disagree with ? You usually find that out later, not in advance. The parties are one party. There is no real party because they control both candidates. That's why all there ever is or will be are two candidates. It's a closed system. Ross Perot ? He bought his way in.

Even if the person they want as a puppet wins, the other person is a suitable backup. All the sparring that you see is choreographed, and all the comments that you see are intended to sink a candidate not intended to win.

Last month, he suggested before an audience at Harvard University in Cambridge, Massachusetts, that some poor students in failing schools could gain work experience as janitors.

“Most of these schools ought to get rid of the unionized janitors, have one master janitor, and pay local students to take care of the school,” Gingrich said at Harvard. “The kids would actually do the work, they would have cash, they would have pride in the schools.”

Gingrich, during a campaign stop in Iowa last week, reiterated his proposal, which critics have said could violate child labor laws. “Really poor children in really poor neighborhoods have no habits of working and have nobody around them who works,” he said in Iowa.

Most Republicans wouldn't vote for child labor. Most know it's not the kids' fault. That's vote steering. Gingrich with his PhD knows what he said sounds like a 1895 sweat shop staged in a public school- not to mention the janitors' unions would instantly vote for Obama no matter what they think of Obama.

And he said it at Harvard where it was going to be picked up and amplified by the media.

It would set the poor up for a fine career as janitors, which is obviously where he thinks they belong, as well.

He doesn't actually think any of that. He's a wholly owned puppet of the usual groups.

What are those comments if not intended to disgust moderate voters and send them toward the devil they know instead of the devil that they don't ?

There will be more, as when Dole and McCain ran... into staged oblivion.

As for Russia, it's nearly the same story as the other countries. The United States wants Putin there and similarly wants to wear out potential protesters who would undermine him by tiring them out now.

In the 18th century, military officers who murdered the Other's men all day in staged choreographed warfare with insane rules (considering the mass murder for their Rothschild profiteer handlers) dined in each other's tents by night.

You don't think they suddenly stopped, do you ?


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