Friday, December 09, 2011

Twisted treaty

Why are statements like this accepted as normal ?

In drafting a new treaty, the 23 countries hope to help European nations struggling with giant debts, and in that sense there were early indications of success. Such an agreement is considered necessary before the European Central Bank and other institutions commit more money to lowering the borrowing costs of heavily indebted countries like Italy and Spain.

In just that statement alone, the media is admitting that the treaty will lower borrowing costs to borrow more money to pay more loans that sovereign countries should just be refusing to pay, citing changed conditions and that the families that issued them are millennial thieves.

To prevent such deficits, countries will have to submit their national budgets to the European Commission, which will have the authority to request that they be revised. Countries will also have to report in advance how much they plan to borrow.

Now they'll have to ask permission to borrow what they're being forced to borrow to pay previous loans !

This defines insanity.

What is going through the peoples' heads to not question this, or to think that it's normal behavior ?

Nothing is going through the media's heads or the politicians', because the families own both groups.

These countries are giving up sovereignty to pay off extortionist German and Jewish banker families in a deranged fiction. Countries aren't beholden to those they can jail for their crimes.

There was no immediate agreement on boosting the eurozone's own bailout funds, meant to rescue countries having trouble refinancing their debts. In their statement, the currency union's leaders put it off until March to decide whether their rescue funds need to be able to provide more than €500 billion in help to struggling countries.

In the end they delay, delay, delay.


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