Saturday, December 10, 2011

Airbus beaconing as Swissair passenger plane dumps chemtrail load over my house

At 510 PM (2210 UTC) last night, an "Airbus" beaconing as a "Swissair passenger plane" dumped a chemtrail load over my house in retaliation for my earlier post about Merck.

Swissair should know that people are aware that with the blessing of the corrupt governments, it lied about what caused its plane to crash several years ago as they all did in those days. Those crashes were caused by malfunctions in the spraying mechanisms of these very chemical dispersals.

John P. Holdren, David Keith, Ken Caldeira, John Heckscher and the rest have been warned repeatedly what their high altitude jet spraying is doing to me and other people, yet they continue.

They are criminals.

Once you are warned of causing injury in science, you stop or you are arrested for assault and more.

All day yesterday, these lunatics sprayed Cape Cod with their high altitude chemical dumps and predictably, today is cloudy despite the original sunny forecast.

In fact, this is the same nonsense every Saturday. They spray the toxins on Friday, and Saturday starts off cloudy no matter the forecast.

This has resulted in the predicted and observed falls, vertigo, chest pain, breathing difficulties and other symptoms that most police, fire and medical staff chose to ignore even though they can easily chart it.

If they do know, they suffer from a failure to uphold their oath in the face of abject monkey academics with PhDs who would wet themselves if someone removed their armed guards and said "boo" to them.

The legislation sponsored by Romaine, R-Center Moriches, is careful to note that, “concerns have been raised that business and government entities may by discharging polluting chemicals … which may impact weather and other environmental elements.”

Supporters of the legislation don’t doubt the link between chemical spraying at high altitudes and recent increases in global dimming, decreases in vitamin D production, and other health issues.

“Anybody with a functional set of eyes, who can think critically, and has done a significant review of the process can see this is sound,” said Anthony Tolda, a Huntington resident...

Bill Faulk, a Romaine legislative aide, said the county has authority to regulate chemicals coming from planes over Suffolk County airspace since the chemicals may fall onto county land.

According to the text of the legislation, any pilot who plans on discharging barium, sulfur, salt, and aluminum oxide into the air would be required to file an Environmental Impact Statement, and receive approval from the Division of Environmental Quality and Department of Health Services before doing so. The Division of Environmental Quality would be charged with the task of creating the EIS form.

Update: A commenter notes that the reporter understated the number of people at the meeting, choosing to use the number of speakers and not those in attendance:


5:26 pm on Thursday, December 8, 2011

Joseph said "Over 20 individuals showed up Tuesday afternoon at the Suffolk County Center in Riverside to support legislation"

The whole truth is this: The auditorium was packed, every seat was taken and those without seats stood in the back of the auditorium. It was between 75 and upwards of 90 people who came to be at the hearing for I.R. 2029 A Local Law to Protect Air Quality. About 20 people gave testimony at the hearing...perhaps this is where you get your figure of 20 from.


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