Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Soft spoken Monti is a Bormann and Rothschild run dictator and part of a coup d'etat backed by Globalists

Whispering kindly and soothingly makes it all better as the serpent speaks.

This scum bag appointed dictator is taking the people's money that they need, and giving it to Jewish and Germanic families worth trillions, so he can take out more loans and save his sorry Globalist (a Bormann plan backing Nazi) Yale educated ass on the orders of same.

When I was told to go to Yale, there was no money because my parents saved and I was ineligible, but short the amount needed. No one paid my bill like they did Goldman Sachs' Monti, who now wants others to surrender their government assistance.

He must be stopped for his crimes. He is illegal. They are all illegal. They have inherited what was taken from Europe and the West when the coup kidnapped and assassinated Romulus Augustus under the unlawful usurper, Odoacer who gave rise to these same families looting us in 476.

A British Airways plane dumped a load of chemtrail stew over my house for my entry this afternoon on the British "leadership."

Do you think someone isn't happy with the truth to do that ?

What is it going to take to wake up ? Why the hell do these vermin speak of "sacrifices" forced on the people, but they are too gutless to tell the Jewish and Germanic serpents that they're done ? Where are the sacrifices of the trillion dollar financiers with enough loot to tide them over to infinity ?

Are the people being gassed into submission ?


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