Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Chemtrail ignoring, murdering and maiming drunk driving FAA chief resigns

Here's your government "authorities" that you all like to obey out of fear. Throw him in with the CDC child molester in charge of surveillance. Didn't the stupid, crooked judge examine how much access she has to childrens' data let alone mine ?

He's just a mayhem generator after helping to cause me to end up in the hospital near dead on 7 October, again, along with John P. Holdren, David Keith, Ken Caldeira and John Heckscher.

Three days after his arrest on a drunken driving charge in Fairfax, J. Randolph “Randy” Babbitt resigned as head of the Federal Aviation Administration on Tuesday.

“Today I submitted my resignation to Secretary Ray LaHood and Federal Aviation Administration head Randy Babbitt is seen in this Fairfax County Sheriff's booking photograph. (HANDOUT - REUTERS) it has been accepted,” Babbitt said in a written statement. “Serving as FAA Administrator has been an absolute honor and the highlight of my professional career. But I am unwilling to let anything cast a shadow on the outstanding work done . . . by my colleagues.”

In an e-mail to FAA employees, Babbitt said he decided to step aside with a very heavy heart since I love working here at the FAA and with all of you.

“It truly has been the highlight of my professional career,” he wrote.

Babbitt’s ouster seemed inevitable after Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood first learned of the arrest from a police press release more than 36 hours after the incident.

“What I told Randy is that I was very disappointed with the way that I learned about this,” LaHood said Tuesday afternoon, hours before Babbitt’s ouster...

President Obama appointed Babbitt, 65, to a five-year term as FAA administrator in 2009. Babbitt logged 25 years as a pilot for Eastern Air Lines before heading the pilots association and working as a consultant.

He was pulled over about 10:30 p.m. Saturday by an officer who saw him driving alone on the wrong side of the road on Old Lee Highway, a four-lane thoroughfare about nine miles from his Reston home, police said.

Authorities described Babbitt as cooperative, and he was released without bail from the Adult Detention Center. Police did not release Babbitt’s blood alcohol level, but .08 is the threshold to bring charges of driving while intoxicated in Virginia. He is scheduled to appear in court on Feb. 2.

What goes around comes around like the CDC bitch for maiming a descendant of Roman officials that the current coup d'etat assassinated.


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