Thursday, December 08, 2011

Bormann group fronts disinformation campaign

Having been exposed, a few Germans are now saying that the Globalist, McGraw-Hill owned rating company destroying Europe and the USA is actually working for the USA and not the Nazi-Bormann-Globalist plan.

it was Rösler’s colleague Rainer Brüderle who had perhaps the most extreme reaction. Brüderle is the chair of the FDP group in the German Bundestag. “I am no fan of conspiracy theories,” Brüderle told the German business daily Handelsblatt, “But sometimes it is hard to avoid the impression that some American ratings agencies and fund managers are working against the euro zone.”

The observation is particularly odd in the present circumstances, given that Standard and Poor’s is the same ratings agency that in August of this year already did downgrade the credit rating of the United States from AAA to AA+...

Got that right.

McGraw-Hill was the biggest textbook maker for public schools from the 80s to 90s (at least in New England) and is part of a wider Globalist plot to gain your trust and then crush you with terror disguised as reasonable discourse.

German government advisors' current warnings are in response to criticism of Berlin's financial policy dictate that is growing louder in numerous EU countries. Major protests are growing, particularly in Greece, against the EU "Troika," that is supposed to supervise the implementation of the Greek national budget. "We are witnessing a pan-European putsch," wrote a business journal "O Kosmos tou Ependiti." The "Euro Junta" is putting into question the nucleus of the country's very existence, its sovereignty, its democracy, and the conditions for its citizens to survive." Enraged Greeks are repeatedly recalling the period when their country was under Berlin's control - under Nazi occupation. Powerful forces in Italy are also voicing their anger, where German refusal to buy large quantities of state bonds from indebted countries or to allow the implementation of Eurobonds is mainly being criticized. "The way Germany is running the EU, is becoming increasingly alarming," according to "La Repubblica." The "Corriere della Sera" writes, "Berlin's attitude risks becoming a dilemma that will burden the monetary unity and threaten to destroy it."


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